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Here come the drinks: Piña Colada / Pina Colada April 20, 2012

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Now that we know how to prepare few main courses, surely you may want to start preparing Mexican drinks too. I would like to start with my absolute favorite, because to many this is only a dessert: Pina Colada. Pina Colada is another self-explanatory name of the main ingredients of this drink: “pina” which means “pineapple” and “colada” which means “mixed” or “blended” and it also makes reference to the second main ingredient “coconut” In order to offer you the absolute best recipe, I have tested this myself countless times. The ingredients are all available from any supermarket in Dublin (and certainly anywhere in Ireland)

So, our ingredients are:

– Ice cubes

– 1/3 coconut milk can

– 1/2 ltr. of pineapple juice

– 4 table spoons of Havana Rum (of course, this is optional, feel free to add as much as you prefer)

– Optional: 2 tablespoons of sugar (for those who do not like sweet) or 3 tablespoons of condensed milk (for those who plan to have it as a dessert or have sweet tooth)

– We will also need a good blender

Optional for presentation:

– 2 pineapples

– Cocktail umbrellas

– 2 Cherries

First, place the ice cubes in the blender, the idea is to make a bit of frappe first. Once that you have a nice frappe, add the coconut milk, the pineapple juice, rum and sugar (or condensed milk) Now, let it blend for 3 – 4 mins. It is important that you put all this in the blender as it will give a nice texture with a fluffy top.

Now, it is ready to enjoy! – You can serve it in normal glasses with a straw or if you have special plans for the night, consider buying one pineapple per guest. When choosing the pineapple, ensure that when pressing the fruit with your finger it gently sinks into it, if it feels too hard, the pineapple may not be ready for cocktails. Once at home, simply cut carefully the top and remove the heart of the pineapple (Superquinn sells pineapple heart removers, they are like €3 and do the trick in seconds, plus you can use that natural pineapple for the drink too) When the pineapple is empty in the inside, simply pour the pina colada and present with an umbrella (I generally buy them in “Stock Design” in Stephens Green)



Pina Colada, Salud!