A real Mexican heaven in Ireland

Mexican Heaven Food LIVE! June 11, 2011

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Hey beautiful people of the world,

This is me in a trial of putting my crazy Mexican cooking ideas together!

This blog is about Mexican food and also Mexicans cooking other types of food. I know, it sounds funny, but you should see the ‘tweaks’ we do to other cooking styles. The idea is to share what I know about Mexican food, its traditions, beliefs and myths. This blog is also my way to say thank you to all the friends who have ever shared their table with me and for those who haven’t it is an open invitation to visit your home, my home (ol’Mexican traditional saying!)

I really hope you enjoy my little food stories spiced with a few recipes, and shopping tips, for those living in Dublin, Ireland. If you are ever curious about a specific recipe, please post and I will send as much information as possible.